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Buying a mattress can be a real challenge in a traditional bed store , high pressure sales people will surround you and push you to close the deal , and you’d normally be spending thousands of dollars on big brands. But buying the most expensive mattress does not mean you get the best mattress, let us tell you why.

At sleepcenter beds stores , weather at the store or on the phone , you will be served by friendly sales consutants who will help you in the selection process , coupled with low prices

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Why Choose Us?

We made it easy – we have a lovely showroom with all our mattresses and bed frames are neatly displayed, so you can physically jump from one mattress to another and pick the one you like – so no guesswork here. Our mattress prices start from $125 (single size tight top – going up to super king all-season top of the range at $995. At our starting prices – we beat the quality of the online retailers, and at our high-level mattress, we easily beat the quality of $3000 – 5000 dollars mattress sold at the big chain stores. So, either way – you win when you buy from us.

Remember, there’s no single mattress fit for everyone. It’s always a matter of preference, from the size, the sleeping positions, the ages, and the materials. Choosing your mattress can never be definitive by some random top 10 list you’ll find on the internet. Stick around and we’ll help you pick the perfect mattress for you. Some people would always check on the type of mattress – is it a memory foam gel or a pocket spring mattress? Other than the types of mattresses, you'll need to think about a few other factors. From sleep styles to working on your budget, here's what to look for based on your needs:

Our sales team will help you select you the best mattress for your needs , and will not put any sales pressure , they will simply help you select .

how to select the correct mattress for yourself.

Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night with aching back and shoulders? If you do, that’s certainly a sign you need to get new mattresses. Even putting a mattress topper on top is not going to help you, because the springs underneath have already had it. Be a sport, go buy yourself a new mattress from us, you will be glad you did.Finding the sweet spot for the firmness of your mattress is vital for a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re a back sleeper, side snoozer, or a combination dozer, it’s good to have a bed that supports your sleeping position.

in a nutshell - if you currently have shoulder and neck pains , usually means your current mattress is too firm and that your pillow is too soft .

If you have lower back pain in the morning - that usually means your mattress is too soft for your body weight.

So when you go to our showroom , make sure you lie down on your side , try out our firm / medium / medium plush / soft / soft plush range on each size ,and take at least 5 minutes on each mattress , a few times before you make your decision , which one suits you best .

Back Sleepers

If you love sleeping on your back, you need better lower back support. To achieve the best sleep, getting a mattress with 6 – 9 out of 10 range of firmness is advisable. Choose a medium-firm 5 zoned Pocket sprung mattress with a eurotop that hugs the spine. We sugget our all season range (6 / 10).

Side Sleepers

Do you happen to sleep on your side? Side sleepers need plush mattresses. Get a mattress that ranges from 5 – 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale with a plush eurotop and 5 zoned pocket springs.Why do you need softer, plusher mattresses for side sleepers? Typically, when sleeping on your side, your body doesn’t follow a straight line. To help your shoulders manage the pressure, a body contouring mattress like cool gel memory foam range (5 / 10) are a superior choice. They ensure your spine remains properly aligned distributing your weight properly and evenly.

Stomach Sleepers

Whenever you sleep on your stomach, you position your spine in a less ideal sleeping angle. For you to get the best sleep with this position, you need to have a firmer mattress at a 7 – 8 out of 10 range of firmness with pocket springs. We suggest our pocketsprung eurotop or tight top (7 / 10) or pocket sprung range (8 / 10)

Combination Sleepers

Are you one who loves tossing and turning around while sleeping? Often, you need a bed that is both firm and soft to help with your movements. Soft beds tend to sink you in, making it hard for you to change your position. Go for our All seasons range (6 / 10) which has 2 sides to use and a unique blend of firmness and plushness bound into one, only trying it out in the showroom will explain this feeling. Best to pop over to our showroom and try out this option that we got for you. Choosing the right firmness takes some guesswork, so you need to be picky and spend more time when buying a mattress.

Medium / High Density Foam

We use these long-lasting foam in our euro top and tight top range, they last longer without dipping and are also medium to firm.

Gel-infused Memory Foam

Our Cool gel range of mattresses incorporate a gel memory foam layer underneath the bamboo fabric. It’s worth mentioning that a gel-infused product can often offer higher cooling properties as beads often warm up to body temperature and then cease to offer the same degree of temperature regulation. This is more often the case when the gel beads are located in the upper comfort layer.

Size Matters

Your beds size will impact your overall sleep quality. Whenever you’re buying a new mattress, you need to ask yourself these questions:
Do I share my bed with someone?
Can this fit in my room?
Is it tall enough for me?

Single size (91 x 188 cm])

A single mattress works great for small spaces like dorm rooms or a kid’s bed. It has enough space to fit one [ short] adult or most kids under 16 years.

King single (107 x 203 cm)

A full-length King single mattress is best for taller people who want more legroom, and it is a bit wider than the single size. This is still very suitable for small spaces.

Double (138 x 188 cm)

Ideal for Kids rooms, and spare rooms which are not as large as master bedrooms. This size sleeps 2 people easily while saving you valuable space in the room.

Queen (155 x 200 cm)

The most popular size for 2 people and master bedrooms and reasonable sized spare rooms. Full length to accommodate 2 tall people. For couples, a queen bed is the most popular choice. It allows a couple to sleep comfortably and cozy up in bed. We got 5 types of queen beds in hand to select from.

King (183 x 200 cm)

Planning to share your bed with a baby, kid or pet? As new parents, you sure want to cuddle up with your partner and baby/kid comfortably. Getting a king bed makes that vision a reality.

California King (200 x 200 cm)

Want to party on the bed? If you want to sleep and enjoy the space fit for a king, go for the California king. It is always a comfier option for two to three adults and is very popular for master bedrooms.

The Bottomline

Buying your own mattress is a huge step, whether you’re buying a new one because your life partner is moving in or your old mattress is definitely not working for you. Consider all the factors that matter to you. List down your priorities: Is it the Firmness? Bounciness? The budget? The size? By listing your priorities, you’d know what matters most to you.

At Sleepcenter Beds, we understand your sleep essentials are as important to you as anything else. Skip the queue, and test our mattresses by visiting our showrooms at Melbourne / Gold coast.

We also have other sleep essentials that you’ll definitely need such as contour pillows, mattress covers, bed frames and more.

Half foam/egg foam – we never use this rubbish in our mattress. Half/egg foam is when you can place eggs on a layer of foam – A euro top this foam is half the cost of solid foam but gives a false look of a thicker layer. These will usually be made of different types of foam. There are 2 famous categories of specialty foam: latex and memory foam. Latex mattresses, cool gel memory foam mattress, and pillow-top mattresses gained their popularity for providing better comfort and more support.