Why Do We Need upholstered Bed Frames?

Mattresses are one of the most expensive essentials in your bedroom. Quality mattresses can rack up to a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Ideally, these mattresses should not sit on cold hard floors – they need bed frames with solid rigid strong pine slats with 15 - 25 cm gaps between the slats to air the mattress and the space beneath . if the gap is over 25 cms - your springs in the mattress will pop and shorten the life span of the mattress . Some manufactureres will even void their mattress warranty if proper solid base / frame is not used. .Bed frames raise your box spring and mattress from the floor to the ideal height around 35 cm - 40 cm off the ground , and the top of the mattress around 50 cm off the floor . This isolates you away from the heavy carbon dioxide bulid up area in the room , and prevents you from having to stress when getting in or out of the bed . The air in the room is in the 50 - 70 cm height is more healthier than the ground level. Elevating your bed’s height not only helps you sleep better, but it also protects your mattress from moisture build-up, mould, bedbugs, and other pests. Needless to say, the empty space under your bed can create an extra storage space for some of your well-kept items like our bed farme range with the pull out drawer. While some might argue that you don’t have to follow the conventional rules of buying a new fabric bed frame, it’s great to own one especially because it adds value to your mattresses. So, don’t make a hard pass on bed frames and read why you definitely need to have one. Upholstered bed frames have the advantage of soft rounded corners and child safety against hard wood bed frames .

Hard wood bed frames vs fabric upholstered bed frames

Lets face it How many times have you hit your shin on the sharp hard edges jutting out from the corners - of your old wooden / metal bed frames ? How many times has your so called flexi slats snapped and the little nasty plastic clips that hold them in place came off and the slats fell thru ? How many times you sat up against the hard cold surface of your wooden bed head ? How many times have you lost your phone which fell thru the slats of your wooden head board ? How many times the wooden bed creaks and groans when you move ? How many times you had to lift the mattress to tuck in the bed sheets and almost lost a finger or two in the process? How many times you wonder why your old wooden bed frame sits around on the outside edge of the mattress and is taking up extra space in your room ? How many times you wonder why your room has to look like a hospital bed or an assylum from a horror movie because of your metal frame ? How many times your gas lift bed started failing at the hinges & the strust no longer hold the weight of the matress and fall down as long as you let it go ? With our fabric upholstered storage bed frames - none of this will occur - you fill finally be - HAPPY >>>> Here is what we did right with our fabric bed farmes . A thick padded comfortable soft buttoned 120 - 130 cm Bed head is included in our Bed frames. Flush fit . Rounded outside edge - No sharp corners - because - our design is flush fit with the outer edge of the mattress . Flush fit top surface - Our slats and the edge bed is the same level - This also means tucking in the sheets is a breeze - you dont have to lift the mattress to tuck in your fitted sheets . 36 cm high off the ground - ideal height - you dont have to break your back to get in and out of the bed . We give you Strong - rigid Solid pine slats [not weak , cheap and nasty flexible slats like other retailers ] Correct spacing between the slats so your pocket spring mattress can do its job without spring damage while creatingan air flow to keep the mattress free of fungi . All the joinery used in the bed frame are high quality , and easy to assemble and disassemble , and once properly installed - will last years without any problem. Space saving design , silent roll away under bed storage drawer is a great space saving trick , and also since the frame is the same DIMS around the bed are the same as the mattress [ flush fit ] you save more space in the bed room. We do not do those terrible gas lift storage beds - they just dont last very long- their gas struts give away after a few montsh and the slats snap and the hinges come off , instead we give one large drawer under the bed - with no dramas - you cant beat gravity .

Summary - Fabric Bed Frames

Do you need more convincing why you need to buy Sleepcenter Beds bed frames in Gold Coast? If you do, here are five reasons why you’ll get a bang for your buck (and health) with a good fabric bed frame:

Protect your investment - Durable

Designed with solid strong natural pine timber slats with correct spacing - gives the maximum support to the mattress while creating a free flowing air cavity to keep mould away .

No more back pain , rest easy - breath oxygeon - not carbon dioxide

our beds are 36 cm high off the ground - once combined with a mattress of 20 - 35 cm thickness . it gives you a combined height of at least this is the ideal height of 56 - 71 cm to get on or off the bed . Once you lie down your nose will be around 90 cm from the floor breating in good air . The bed head is at least 120 cm high - clearing at least 50 - 60 cm of usable bed head height for you to sit up and rest and read a book or watch a wall mounted TV.

Space saving

with the built in storage drawer and the flush fitting edges , you will have extra valuable space in the bed room for other items .

Easy tucking of bed sheets

with the flush mounted top which sits level with the edge of the mattress , you dont have to lift the mattress anymore to change the fitten sheets - just tuck it in with your fingers .

Sofa like comfort & looks

Not only the bed frame is beautiful to look at , its soft to the touch specially with the supplied padded matching bed head with durable sofa fabric , your bed room will look homely and elegant and child friendly as there are no sharp hard edges in our upholstered bed frames

Picking the Right Frame with Sleepcenter Beds

You are spoilt for choice with our bed frames and bed bases . As your sleep experts, we are dedicated to continuously make your sleep better with our sleep essentials. Jump into our bed frames page and pick one today , or visit our showroom. Great deals and packages awaits you.
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